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Provide a brief summary describing the purpose of your announcement.
To avoid overwhelming the target audience and to preserve screen real estate, we will restrict the number of sponsored announcements (per audience) visible at any one time. - Students include continuing education students - Faculty include instructors - Staff include State, Corporation, and ASI
Announcement Content
This section contains the content that will be displayed on the Portal Announcement.

Images for Sponsored Announcements MUST be:

  1. 640px wide
  2. 400px or less tall
  3. Legible at 240px width

Announcements will not be published with an image that does not meet these specifications.

This will be used as the image alt text for ADA compliance.

You'll need to work with someone in your area with knowledge in graphics to determine how to fix the image so that it meets the guidelines. Sponsored Announcements will not be published with an out-of-spec image.

A secure (https) link to your image.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.

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